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  • Plurking Our Butts Off
    Calories Total Calories for the day 1400 Calories Daily Target Calories 1400 Calories SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE March 10 2009 Menu March 10th 2009 by NotAMeanGirl No Comments Today has been a rather crazy day I had my first appointment with a therapist You can ready about it over at Not A Mean Girl if you d like I spent MOST of the day in town so my eating has been odd Breakfast Coffee I was nervous about the upcoming appointment and did NOT feel the food thing Lunch We went to Novorosky s It s a hamburger joint BUT they also serve low fat low cal choices as well I had a baked potato with grilled shrimp no oil or fat used to cook it Parkay Spray Butter FF Chedar cheese salt and pepper I washed it down with unsweetened iced tea Teh potato it was YOOGE Like a POUND of Tater BEFORE the toppings They were a lil skimpy with the shrimp but it was tasty and I was fricking STARVING Dinner The plan for tonight is Chunky s Bean with Ham soup and a ham and 2 Pepper Jack cheese sandwich on light bread with a glass of milk I ll be eating the entire can of soup tin and label not included of course Snacks I am going to try out a recipe I found on SparkPeople today I ll share it tonight if it s as good as everyone says it does It s a mock cheesecake Yummay What did YOU eat today What are you GOING to eat for the rest of the day 3 2 1 March 10th 2009 by NotAMeanGirl 5 Comments Annnnnnd Welcome Back PoBo has been on an extended VERY EXTENDED vacation I stopped posting when I realized I was the only one posting here I didn t want it to be all about meeeeeeeeeee However I need to refocus myself I need to have a place where I can document my weight loss attempts wins and failures alike without feeling like I m boring everyone As a result I m back here I HOPE some of our other authors begin posting again as well However you re stuck with just me for now I m going to start by posting 3 times a day One will be a menu for the day One will be a detailed accounting of my caloric intake for the day One will be recipe s or awesome food finds that are healthy friendly I hope you ll join me once again as I trip the light fantastic and just plain trip some days NAMG French Toast a la NAMG September 30th 2008 by NotAMeanGirl 2 Comments I m bored with food I tend to eat the same things ad nauseum when I find something that s kicking the scales ass Every morning for the last month or practically I have had eggs toast and bacon for breakfast This morning I had had ENOUGH of that I know

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